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VD influencers

We are VD influencers

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Companies / brands and influencers both have their own language. These languages ​​can sometimes clash or do not understand each other. This has a negative effect on your marketing campaign. We stand between both parties and understand both languages. By finding the right mix here, we get the most out of your marketing campaign.

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How we work


February 6, 2019

VD Influencers was founded and registered with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce.

We started as influencer management. A couple of Dutch influencers were under contract with us and our main play was creating campaigns for the influencers we represented with Dutch companies that needed create brand awareness, generate leads or to stimulate the purchase.

July, 2019

We realized that our mix of influencers and marketingstyle provided a unique proposition in the Dutch market and that we wanted to further specialize on the marketing side of this. We have successfully made the switch and have changed VD Influencers into a marketing agency. Setting up successful campaigns together with companies is what we are good at.

January, 2020

In addition to our Dutch customers, we have broadened our horizons and have added foreign companies to our client list, to represent them during their Dutch campagins. Today 60% of our business is influencing products for international companies on the Dutch market.

VD influencers

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